Is Retirement Really About Numbers?


Is Retirement Really About Numbers?

For some people, retirement is all about the numbers, the age you plan to retire, how much money you need, and so forth.  We have built our planning processes in financial services based on numbers and algorithms in financial planning software to help us contrive a numeral or group of numbers that are uniquely yours.  But is retirement really about numbers?

Numbers give us a baseline to help you financially plan for today and the future.  Your numbers can change throughout your life.  Numbers play a role in all aspects of your financial life.

What Are Your Economic Conditions?

Economic conditions affect your retirement savings.  This includes inflation and the economy.  Inflation determines how much it costs you to live today and how much things will cost when you retire.  The economic conditions that affect your employer decide whether if you will have a job.   Both are caveats in financial planning since both are unknown; we can only make assumptions based on today’s information and can’t guarantee anything in the future.

If that leaves you concerned, you’re not alone.  The best option is to plan for the unknown. Put yourself in a position where a job loss doesn’t wreak havoc on your finances while you’re looking for work.  There’s not much we can do about the economy but keeping expenses low will help you if prices dramatically rise or if you suddenly are without a job. We can create a plan for you that, regardless of market conditions, you have assets that will never lose their value when they are inside an annuity.

When Will You Retire?

The age you retire relates to two things, your health, and your financial resources.  According to the RAND Corporation Center for the Study of Aging, when people are in their late 50’s, they start to consider if they should continue working or collect social security as early as possible.  This decision is related to their health, and if they’re economically stressed.  These individuals tend to retire as soon as possible.  Healthy people continue to want to work because of the financial reward of growing their retirement savings and maintaining their current lifestyle.  They start to look forward to other jobs they always wanted to do later in life or advance their career.

Accumulating retirement savings and developing a spending plan is beneficial at any age.  Accumulating assets is essential before retirement.  If you don’t have a spending plan during the accumulation stage, it may be more difficult for you to save for your retirement.  A spending plan in retirement is crucial. You will not be able to accumulate assets due to no longer working. And you will be on a limited income.

Retirement Numbers and Your Plan

Retirement uses numbers to plan your financial future.  It is the best way for advisors to give clients something to understand. In theory and show through software, written financial plans, and concrete information.  Retirement really is about numbers when you use them to set realistic goals and stick to them.  Our firm is ready to assist you in finding and managing your numbers.

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